Tue 23 Oct 2018

Hybrids .::. Iron sharks vs giant squids? Furious action and super gore effects? And it comes with a message? If you have six spare minutes don’t miss this not-so-dystopian animated short.

Eminem as a Talking Heads song .::. A clever remix that uses footage from a 2010 “60 Minutes” episode where Eminem explains the challenges to come up with words that rhyme with orange.

Day of the Devs 2018 .::. Indie games are a long shot, but can sometimes be extremely rewarding (I will probably write a dedicated post about my favourite game of the year, Into the Breach), so here is a four minutes teaser preview of all the 70 unreleased games that will be presented next November at the 6th annual Day of the Devs event.

No Blue Without Yellow .::. Van Gogh’s paintings are brought to life in chronological order, sampling hundreds of the artist’s brush strokes to wrap transitions between them. More info here.

Interactive Metamorphosis Machine .::. Make your own Escher work and become part of the endless metamorphosis.

Solar Walk .::. Hungarian animator Réka Bucsi shares online her latest short film, a 20 minutes experimental odyssey through the vastness of the universe and the creation, originally commissioned as a visual accompaniment to a jazz orchestral composition. A talent with a bright future.

Mice, a small story .::. Lord of the Rings, but with rats and owls.

(the post image is a composition of 611 shots taken from Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, via)

Tue 4 Sep 2018

The Very Near Future .::. This sci-fi short following a man’s efforts to order a takeaway pizza could easily qualify as a mini Black Mirror episode. It’s funny and sort of plausible, but please: never, never ever put mayo on pizza.

GTA V Magneto .::. A hilarious script mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Also check the Dragon Ball mod.

What will I watch? (Netflix browsing) .::. At some point it happens to all of us with Netflix: we spend more time browsing the titles than actually watching them. Or, quoting the character of this short, “we’ve never felt so much like there’s so few options but at the same time there’s too many options”.

Pogo does The Shining .::. Just when we were getting used to Disney-friendly mashups, Pogo releases an horror variation.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience .::. Back in 1969, just one year before his death, Jimi Hendrix performed one of his best full concerts in Stockholm. For a long time this show was considered to be lost, until footage recorded by Swedish television SVT was discovered and remastered. Playlist in the YouTube description.

Black .::. Due to a nuclear war running on Earth, two astronauts are trapped on a orbital space station. A very impressive animated short, but take your time, it’s 14 minutes long.

How not to age in a digital world .::. At least according to Digital Compositor/Beauty Artist Rousselos Aravantinos, who knows his retouching skills (just look at his Vimeo page).

AHS: Apocalypse (Hourglass Trailer) .::. As a tv series, American Horror Story is a mess. After two (maybe three) good initial seasons things started getting extremely confusing, with lots of plot holes and hard to believe characters. The opening titles, on the other hand, were always nothing short of amazing, and the latest installment is probably going to be the best so far.

Sun 5 Aug 2018

“Thor: Ragnarck”, but as an anime intro .::. We all love Marvel’s flicks, but anime mashups are better. Speed Factor (SF): 9/10.

ご苦労様 – Gokurōsama .::. When an elderly bentos shop owner suffers a back problem during her morning routine, a young assistant tries to help by bringing her to a chiropractor a few floors above. Simple enough, right? Nope. A no dialogue, lighthearted animated short from the 2016 graduating class of MOPA. SF: 4, but you won’t mind.

9 Ways To Draw a Person .::. A mix of abstraction, collage and drawing technics that’s hands down the best animated short I’ve watched this year. SF: 6/7/8, depending on the mood.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Line Rider edition) .::. Line Rider was an internet phenomenon back in 2006, but for some reason still kicks ass. Also check Hall of the Mountain King. SF: Tchaikovsky.

Uncharted .::. A live action fan film featuring Nathan Fillion? Hell, yeah. SF: 8.

Cinema Space Tribute .::. Combining the lyrics of Dylan Thomas “Do not go gentle into that good night” (read by Anthony Hopkins) with a bunch of sci-fi classic movies. SF: from 3 to 7, in crescendo.

30 years of my life in 30 seconds .::. Russian cartoonist Lazy Square, specialized in ads, is my newest favourite addiction. Don’t miss The Office/NASA and Terminator 2 and a half. SF: 30.

Say It Ain’t My Mind .::. Seattle band Tiger Rider performs a mashup of Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” and Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”, live from a basement. SF: NaN.

Bill Plympton – Trump Bites .::. A new series of short animated fantasies that use actual Donald Trump audio as the basis of surreal cartoons. Produced for the Opinion section of The New York Times and directed by Bill Plympton, the first three episodes so far are Trump and Putin: A Love Story, Crying in Trump’s Big, Fat, Oval Office, and Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare.

Pro driver plays Dirt Rally .::. Dirt Rally, developed and published by Codemasters, was released on 7 December 2015, and it’s arguably one of the best and more realistic racing games ever produced. It’s also extremely difficult to master, unless you’re a former Australian Junior National Rally Champion.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO auction .::. An exhilarating auction won with a 34,650,000$ bid. And if you wonder why anyone would spend so much money for a car, read the first comment in this Reddit thread about filthy richness.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – 77 Cover Songs .::. On each night of his 2018 Tour, “Weird Al” Yankovic and his band performed a random classic rock cover song. The tour started on February 27, 2018 in Poughkeepsie with the Deep Purple cover “Smoke on the Water” and concluded on June 10, 2018 in Green Bay with “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. The video features snippets of every cover song. Full list here.

The 150 Best Lead-Off Tracks .::. A Spotify playlist featuring the best 150 albums? Boring. The best 150 debut albums? Better, but still meh. The best 150 first tracks on a debut album? Now, that’s interesting, and NPR has you covered.

If golf and soccer switched announcers .::. Just a funny commentary about commentary.

A look back at June 1998 .::. What was happening 20 years ago? What movies were playing in theaters? What were the most-rotating songs on the radio, the top video games, and what was on TV? Chances are it’s all in this video created by YouTube user thepeterson, who intensively focuses on all kind of nostalgia flashbacks, professionally remixed in short 4-5 minutes clips.

Grow more .::. ON, the creator of flash-based games Grow series, started a crowdfunding to develop new games in HTML5 format. Goal was quickly reached, and to thank the fans he released a quick new mini-game: Grow Comeback.

Inazma Delivery .::. In my all time favourite animated shows top list, just slightly below Rick and Morty, comes the crazy and super-underrated Japanese series Usavich (2006-2011), a no dialogue trip following the everyday absurd occurrences of two rabbits’ prison life (all episodes here, each of them 1:30 long). So I’m very late discovering only now the new series from the same creators, Inazma Delivery (“an animated slapstick comedy about a delivery service that transports anything. Hemingway, a nice and honest young pig, is working at the deliver store. One day an alien client in a shark suit shows up at the store, its name is Bytheway. He is lost and asks Hemingway to be delivered to his home planet”). Full first season here.

Still Toxic .::. My new favourite mashup is this totally unexpected and perfect crossover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still”. Full 320kbps here. (via Bootie Mashup)

Sometimes, the Deep Note was the best part of the movie .::. The Thx Logo Theme, a synthesized crescendo that grows from a relatively narrow frequency spread of about 200-400 Hz to a much broader one of about 3 octaves was created in 1982 by an employee of Lucasfilm and first introduced at the premiere of “Return of the Jedi” in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the original tapes went lost and James Moorer, the engineer creator, was pushed to remake it. He failed many, many times, due to the huge amount of random numbers generated during the render, until the tapes ultimately resurfaced and were brought into the digital domain (you can appreciate the effort involved attempting to redo the exact sound by reading this cool blog post). Listen to a digitally remastered version here (WARNING: lower the volume to avoid ear rape) or watch the mandatory Simpsons reference.

The Scooby Doo Project .::. A “Blair Witch Project” live parody animated short that aired during the Cartoon Network‘s Halloween marathon in 1999. Darkest Scooby Doo episode ever.

I am Predictive Text Neil deGrasse Tyson AMA .::. If you wanted to evaluate a bot trying to impersonate a real human being, then the best Turing test you could think of would probably be answering a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). That’s what a collective of writers, artists and developers known as Botnik did after training a predictive text bot with lots of Neil deGrasse Tyson speeches about space (AMA here). Of course, you can tell there’s something fishy, and Reddit users are smart enough to ask non conventional questions, but the interchange is still interesting and sometimes funny. There’s also a Mark Zuckerberg one.

Anti Social – A Modern Dating Horror Story .::. What would drive someone to reject social media? Comic Relief, a major charity based in the UK, tries to give an answer.

But Every Other Beat is missing .::. So, there’s this Youtube channel that features music videos with every 2nd beat skipped. First consequence: songs last half their original length; second consequence: it’s a different song. Check Smooth Criminal or Seven Nation Army.

. Big Boy .::. “It’s completely understandable that parents feel a primal urge to protect their offspring from the potential dangers and corruptions of the world, but does our bubble wrap society actually protect them or set them up for an experience-free lifetime of dependence? Presenting a situation that even the most intrepid of parents would blanch at, Bryan Campbell teases us with a palpitation-inducing young boy’s solo trip to the rest stop from hell.” (via Directors Notes)

The Book Cover Memory Game .::. You’re presented with a grid containing two editions of six different books. The challenge: match the pairs of covers that belong to the same book.

Ratman .::. Although Moebius was a legend in the comics industry, it was rare for him to cross over into the world of mainstream series. In 1994, however, he submitted a short Batman story to DC Comics, who quickly rejected it and refused to pay for any of it. So he re-worked the comic, presumably in a more humorous style, and published it as I Am Not Batman. It’s funny, it’s weird, and – of course – it’s Moebius.

Corpus .::. Marc Hericher’s stunning animated piece uses mechanical devices and human organs as one giant Rube Goldberg machine, showing off isolated body parts working together to ultimately play a piano chord. Sounds creepy, but it’s not (well, sort of not).

Pop Culture Overload .::. Locating Waldo in this Where’s Waldo? image is actually pretty simple, but what about finding Sad Keanu, Bart Simpson’s skull, The Iron Throne, Porco Rosso or Johnny Bravo? Try your very best before cheating all the way through the references.

Akira Awaken .::. As devoted fans of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic anime Akira, Ash Thorp and XiaoLin Zeng did what any admirer with the right amount of available time and artistic talent would do: an eye-popping animated tribute (spoiler: it’s too short).

The Ultimate Rain Simulator .::. Activate the icons, mix the volumes.

Commodity City .::. Yiwu “International Trade City” is the world’s largest wholesale market for items that are “relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market”, selling cheap goods in a city south of Shanghai. The fake flowers, toys, pens and alarm clocks traded in Yiwu eventually end up in dollar stores across the planet. Director Jessica Kingdon peers into the lives of those who run this global trade – the sellers – and puts together a series of 15-20 seconds long vignettes that underline moments of tension between commerce and individuality. Zen, but not quite zen.

The first interactive colouring video .::. Do you ever find yourself clicking the screen as you watch videos? No? Well, there is a perfect synthesis of that kind of user experience, as you can colour in the characters of a music video while they play their song.

VR Jedi Training .::. Apparently, “Beat Saber” seems to be the Virtual Reality game worth trying. Price is only 20$, but of course you’ll need a decent headset (400$) and a PC gaming machine (800$).

Coming soon on your mobile screens .::. Every year, the SIGGRAPH international forum brings together thousands of professionals in the fields of computer graphics and interactive techniques to share state of the art achievements reached in digital data manipulation. This year’s conference takes place 12-16 August in Vancouver, and the Technical Papers Preview looks amazing.

The Cure – Live in Lodz (2016) .::. Just a reminder about Robert Smith’s never-aging voice and The Cure’s effortless capability of filling their 150+ minutes shows with an uninterrupted series of hits. The sound and video in this concert are not professionally recorded and were provided by fans. Free download in various formats here (bottom of the page), tracklist here.