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Mon 27 Nov 2017

“Tap the stairs. The goal is on the 16th floor. Cooperate with yourself.”

HTML5 revamped version of a eight-years old Nekogames hit.

Link: finger*10

“One rat’s quest for happiness through the tropes and traps of modern society.”

Another striking short film from indipendent animator Steve Cutts.

“206 songs. 159 artists. 60 mashups. 60 minutes.”

So good it hurts. Full download here.

Sun 26 Nov 2017

“An animated videogame parody.”

Cuphead vs Dark Souls mashup.

“State of the art object detection framework called Faster R-CNN using tensorflow.”

No facial recognition, though.

Thu 23 Nov 2017

“The visuals are composed with iron powder, high reflective pigments and magnets. A choreography of iron spikes, accompanied by glitter and gold. Audio by Son-J.”

Spectacular short film created without any CGI.

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