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Thu 23 Nov 2017

“The visuals are composed with iron powder, high reflective pigments and magnets. A choreography of iron spikes, accompanied by glitter and gold. Audio by Son-J.”

Spectacular short film created without any CGI.

“Billy Corgan (vocals, guitar, piano), Kristin Bakkegard (violin), Livy Amoruso (violin), Paul Bagley (viola), Carol Anne Bosco (cello)”

Set List:

– “Tonight, Tonight”
– “Aeronaut”
– “Mandarynne”

Short and sweet remix based on Trump’s weird drinking technique.


Thu 23 Nov 2017

“Block triangle’s way to the squares. All levels can be solved without using extra double move.”

I’m stuck on level 1.8 with no clue on how to solve it.

Link: Hexa Turn