Thu 11 Jan 2018

And, of course, Anal Trump: since 2005, AV Club’s Kyle Ryan compiles “a frivolous list of goofy band names”. Grouped by categories, from “Animals” (Necrolytic Goat Converter) to “Trying very hard” (Deflowered Cunt), it’s a long and funny ride.

The Hanging Ballons: a crazy manga horror story by Junji Ito. Read it from right to left!

YouTube White Noise Copyright Claims: music technologist Sebastian Tomczak has seen his self-generated ten-hour video containing white noise flagged by five copyright claims, illustrating just how broken YouTube’s automated copyright system really is.
Via TorrentFrak.

Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading: a 18-minutes long parody of Stranger Things’ first season. Captions available. Also, will you bleed on my butter?

Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards: this awards are meant to highlight “whimsical, possibly unpretentious photography of wild animals doing funny things”. Loving “Hitching A Ride”.
Via Gizmodo.

Marbles, Magnets, and Music: “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky synchronized to a chain reaction marble run by hand.

(cover loop via wannerstedt)

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