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A mouth-watering supercut depicting food from animated films.

Apparently, super catchy songs can be even more energetic if you throw in happy accordions.

“Boy meets girl. Girl swipes left.”

A Tinder romance.

“A sci-fi story set in the distant future, focusing on the developing romance between Sunati, a VR environment designer, and Austen, a university chemistry student.”

Compelling webcomic available in its entirety online (warning: autoplaying sound).

Link: Always Human

(via MeFi)

Thu 15 Mar 2018

“Join Kelly and her band of misfit hackers as they transform from pranksters to international celebrities.”

Interactive story that plays out via the main characters’ webcams, smart phones and video feeds. Your decisions on which screens you are focusing shape plot and characters. Six episodes available, about 10 minutes each.

Link: #Wargames