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Ratman .::. Although Moebius was a legend in the comics industry, it was rare for him to cross over into the world of mainstream series. In 1994, however, he submitted a short Batman story to DC Comics, who quickly rejected it and refused to pay for any of it. So he re-worked the comic, presumably in a more humorous style, and published it as I Am Not Batman. It’s funny, it’s weird, and – of course – it’s Moebius.

Corpus .::. Marc Hericher’s stunning animated piece uses mechanical devices and human organs as one giant Rube Goldberg machine, showing off isolated body parts working together to ultimately play a piano chord. Sounds creepy, but it’s not (well, sort of not).

Pop Culture Overload .::. Locating Waldo in this Where’s Waldo? image is actually pretty simple, but what about finding Sad Keanu, Bart Simpson’s skull, The Iron Throne, Porco Rosso or Johnny Bravo? Try your very best before cheating all the way through the references.

Akira Awaken .::. As devoted fans of Katsuhiro Otomo‚Äôs classic anime Akira, Ash Thorp and XiaoLin Zeng did what any admirer with the right amount of available time and artistic talent would do: an eye-popping animated tribute (spoiler: it’s too short).

The Ultimate Rain Simulator .::. Activate the icons, mix the volumes.

Commodity City .::. Yiwu “International Trade City” is the world’s largest wholesale market for items that are “relatively inexpensive, non-technical, mass-market”, selling cheap goods in a city south of Shanghai. The fake flowers, toys, pens and alarm clocks traded in Yiwu eventually end up in dollar stores across the planet. Director Jessica Kingdon peers into the lives of those who run this global trade – the sellers – and puts together a series of 15-20 seconds long vignettes that underline moments of tension between commerce and individuality. Zen, but not quite zen.

The first interactive colouring video .::. Do you ever find yourself clicking the screen as you watch videos? No? Well, there is a perfect synthesis of that kind of user experience, as you can colour in the characters of a music video while they play their song.

VR Jedi Training .::. Apparently, “Beat Saber” seems to be the Virtual Reality game worth trying. Price is only 20$, but of course you’ll need a decent headset (400$) and a PC gaming machine (800$).

Coming soon on your mobile screens .::. Every year, the SIGGRAPH international forum brings together thousands of professionals in the fields of computer graphics and interactive techniques to share state of the art achievements reached in digital data manipulation. This year’s conference takes place 12-16 August in Vancouver, and the Technical Papers Preview looks amazing.

The Cure – Live in Lodz (2016) .::. Just a reminder about Robert Smith’s never-aging voice and The Cure’s effortless capability of filling their 150+ minutes shows with an uninterrupted series of hits. The sound and video in this concert are not professionally recorded and were provided by fans. Free download in various formats here (bottom of the page), tracklist here.