Tue 4 Sep 2018

The Very Near Future .::. This sci-fi short following a man’s efforts to order a takeaway pizza could easily qualify as a mini Black Mirror episode. It’s funny and sort of plausible, but please: never, never ever put mayo on pizza.

GTA V Magneto .::. A hilarious script mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Also check the Dragon Ball mod.

What will I watch? (Netflix browsing) .::. At some point it happens to all of us with Netflix: we spend more time browsing the titles than actually watching them. Or, quoting the character of this short, “we’ve never felt so much like there’s so few options but at the same time there’s too many options”.

Pogo does The Shining .::. Just when we were getting used to Disney-friendly mashups, Pogo releases an horror variation.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience .::. Back in 1969, just one year before his death, Jimi Hendrix performed one of his best full concerts in Stockholm. For a long time this show was considered to be lost, until footage recorded by Swedish television SVT was discovered and remastered. Playlist in the YouTube description.

Black .::. Due to a nuclear war running on Earth, two astronauts are trapped on a orbital space station. A very impressive animated short, but take your time, it’s 14 minutes long.

How not to age in a digital world .::. At least according to Digital Compositor/Beauty Artist Rousselos Aravantinos, who knows his retouching skills (just look at his Vimeo page).

AHS: Apocalypse (Hourglass Trailer) .::. As a tv series, American Horror Story is a mess. After two (maybe three) good initial seasons things started getting extremely confusing, with lots of plot holes and hard to believe characters. The opening titles, on the other hand, were always nothing short of amazing, and the latest installment is probably going to be the best so far.

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