“A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem ‘Romance Sonámbulo’, by Federico García Lorca.”

Wonderful animation with lots of Picasso/Miro/Kandinsky vibes.

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Sun 8 Jan 2017

“Laika, a female dog, is kidnapped and then launched into outer space. Choban, her owner, starts the search and ends up in an underground city. Meanwhile, Laika travels to a planet inhabited by a mysterious black grandmother called Moira who tailors fate and bends time and space.”

Take your time, it’s a long trip.

Supercut featuring scenes from 154 movies and TV shows. NSFW.
Reference list here.

“Sometimes to get a clearer sense of reality, you have to take some time to dream.
To this end, we reached out to a number of our favorite fiction authors and gave them a simple mission: pick a plausible innovation or change in the world and spin out a near-term scenario. Don’t stick to the current moment. See where your mind goes. Imagine. Have fun.”

Great selection of Sci-Fi short stories, from authors like N.K.Jemisin (The Fifth Season), James Corey (The Expanse), Charles Yu (Westworld writer) and Lydia Millet (Omnivores).

– N. K. Jemisin – The Evaluators: To Trade With Aliens, You Must Adapt
– James S. A. Corey – The Hunger After You’re Fed: Who Is Héctor Prima?
– Charles Yu – Subtext®: It Knows What You’re Thinking Stop Thinking
– Charlie Jane Anders – Stochastic Fancy: Play The Game And Find True Love
– Malka Older – The Black Box: These Memories Are Made To Last Forever
– Jay Dayrit – Hold Dear The Lamp Light: Before The Tides Rose Up
– Matt Gallagher – Know Your Enemy: Celebrating 50 Years Of The Forever War
– John Rogers – First: A Martian Hunts For The Red Planet’s Past—and His Own
– Etgar Keret – A.: Only Through Death Will You Learn Your True Identity
– Glen David Gold – The Current Entertainments: Lemoin’s Assaut Sur L’univers
– Lydia Millet – The Great Dying: Happiness Comes On Day Five
– Ben Lasman – Life On Garbage Island: There’s A New Frontier In Paradise

Link: The Fiction Issue

2016 review, one meme a day.

Link: The Year in Memes

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