“Laika, a female dog, is kidnapped and then launched into outer space. Choban, her owner, starts the search and ends up in an underground city. Meanwhile, Laika travels to a planet inhabited by a mysterious black grandmother called Moira who tailors fate and bends time and space.”

Take your time, it’s a long trip.

Supercut featuring scenes from 154 movies and TV shows. NSFW.
Reference list here.

“Sometimes to get a clearer sense of reality, you have to take some time to dream.
To this end, we reached out to a number of our favorite fiction authors and gave them a simple mission: pick a plausible innovation or change in the world and spin out a near-term scenario. Don’t stick to the current moment. See where your mind goes. Imagine. Have fun.”

Great selection of Sci-Fi short stories, from authors like N.K.Jemisin (The Fifth Season), James Corey (The Expanse), Charles Yu (Westworld writer) and Lydia Millet (Omnivores).

– N. K. Jemisin – The Evaluators: To Trade With Aliens, You Must Adapt
– James S. A. Corey – The Hunger After You’re Fed: Who Is Héctor Prima?
– Charles Yu – Subtext®: It Knows What You’re Thinking Stop Thinking
– Charlie Jane Anders – Stochastic Fancy: Play The Game And Find True Love
– Malka Older – The Black Box: These Memories Are Made To Last Forever
– Jay Dayrit – Hold Dear The Lamp Light: Before The Tides Rose Up
– Matt Gallagher – Know Your Enemy: Celebrating 50 Years Of The Forever War
– John Rogers – First: A Martian Hunts For The Red Planet’s Past—and His Own
– Etgar Keret – A.: Only Through Death Will You Learn Your True Identity
– Glen David Gold – The Current Entertainments: Lemoin’s Assaut Sur L’univers
– Lydia Millet – The Great Dying: Happiness Comes On Day Five
– Ben Lasman – Life On Garbage Island: There’s A New Frontier In Paradise

Link: The Fiction Issue

2016 review, one meme a day.

Link: The Year in Memes

(via Waxy)

“4K time-lapse video shot with a Sony a7R II camera”

Roxanne by The Police, but every time they say ‘Roxanne’ it gets faster

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, sped up every time he says ‘Never’

Pulp Fiction, but every time they say ‘Fuck’ it gets faster

The Bee Movie meme is still going on.

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