“Starting with the Big Bang and culminating in the appearance of Homo Sapiens, this experience follows the unfolding of time at 22 million years per second, adhering closely to current scientific understanding.”

A 10 minutes crash course on the 13.8 billion years long formation of the universe, with narration by Morgan Freeman, Carl Sagan, and David Attenborough. Humans do not appear until the last fraction of second.

Sat 3 Mar 2018

The News in Music (Tabloid Lament). A ‘package’ of imaginary television news music for symphony orchestra, presented live in a concert hall and accompanied by prerecorded text, spoken by professional newsreaders and played back through a central mono loudspeaker in the auditorium. By Berlin-based australian composer Thomas Meadowcroft.

Tapa, the puzzle of champions. The Guardian explores Tapa, a fantastic logic grid puzzle invented by Turkish puzzle master Serkan Yürekli. With rules, examples and challenges.

The Shallowness of Google Translate. Douglas Hofstadter takes a deep dive into why AI techniques don’t equate to real undersanding. Very long read.

“If I am proud to call myself “pi-lingual” (meaning the sum of all my fractional languages is a bit over 3, which is my lighthearted way of answering the question “How many languages do you speak?”), then how much prouder should Google Translate be, since it could call itself “bai-lingual” (“bai” being Mandarin for 100)?”

What British sports look like to non-British people. Dutch comedy sketch group Jiskefet poke some fun on the weirdest aspects of British sports.

Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing. In this animation, cryospheric scientist Walt Meier of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center describes how the sea ice has undergone fundamental changes.

Reggie Watts does Radiohead. Taken from a 2012 Central Park performance, Reggie Watts replicates the esoteric and offbeat sounds of Thom Yorke and the Radiohead. Clever and hilarious.

(cover image by Dimitris Ladopoulos)

Thu 22 Feb 2018

Swapping Donald Trump’s face onto the body of Alec Baldwin doing his Donald Trump impression.

“Blade Runner 2049” is the movie that marked for me the first time I couldn’t tell if a character was real or computer generated.

Sun 18 Feb 2018

Super-bingeable Weimar Republic TV Series.

“It’s a “one marble path”, which means you have to follow the same marble for all the tricks (in this case the little blue one).”

Beautiful Rube Goldberg contraption, involving magnets.