“Any of you fucking pricks move, and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!”

William and Dolores reenact Tarantino’s robbery scene.

“Do you imagine Pulp Fiction without dialogues?”

Like Music Videos Without Music, but for movies.

Sun 27 Nov 2016

Amazing prediction from “I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen”, a 1970 Czechoslovak science fiction comedy.

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Sun 27 Nov 2016

‘Social Energy’ as a meter that gets slowly drained in uncomfortable situations.

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“A giant bird-man! What!? Yes indeed, Hugo comes down to the morning breakfast table only to be encountered by a strange raven in a shirt and tie.”

Another kind of Birdman. 2015 Oscar nominated short.

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“An example of the Lichtenberg figure, which occurs when an electrical charge – like a bolt of lightning – strikes a type of material and gets trapped.”

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